MI 529 Advisor Plan

Enrollment Year Investment Portfolio

The Enrollment Year Investment Portfolios are a set of individual investment portfolios representing the date your future student needs funds to pay for their education (i.e., their enrollment year). The asset allocation or mix of equities, bonds, and cash adjusts automatically as the enrollment year approaches. An Enrollment Year Investment Portfolio can be a good all-in-one solution to manage your savings over the long-term without any extra work on your part.

How the Enrollment Year Investment Portfolio Works

Select Your Enrollment Year

Your first step is to determine the expected enrollment year of your future student. Typically, families assume their student will need their education savings at age 18. Then subtract the current age of your student from 18. This is the number of years until your future student may need funds for higher education. Next select the Enrollment Portfolio closest to the date of enrollment. So, for a 5 year-old in 2021 who you anticipate will begin college when they are 18 years old, you’ll likely begin using your college savings in 13 years. This means in 2021 an individual would select the 2034/2035 Enrollment Portfolio.

Consider Your Education Savings Goals

Families can also take advantage of the versatility of the Enrollment Year Investment Portfolios to save for all types of qualified education, including college/university, technical college, professional and graduate schools. Simply adjust the expected year of enrollment in your calculation to select your Enrollment Portfolio.

Align with Your Risk Tolerance

What level of risk are you comfortable with? You can find out by taking our Risk Tolerance Quiz. If you are a conservative investor, you may wish to choose an earlier Enrollment Portfolio regardless of the year your future student begins college or technical college. More aggressive investors can select a later date. Investors aligning with their risk tolerance or seeking particular investment objectives can view asset allocation across enrollment year dates below to help guide their decision.

Asset Allocation by Enrollment Year Investment Portfolio

Slide along the bar to the Enrollment Portfolio that corresponds to the year you plan to use your funds to pay for your child’s education. Then click Submit to view the investment mix.

Enrollment Year Investment Portfolio:

The investment portfolios are subject to the risks of the underlying funds including loss of principal.